Residential natural gas meter

The City of Montgomery recently received an update from Duke Energy that they would be in the City of Montgomery to perform gas leak and corrosion inspections starting now, August 12.

Click here to review the Duke Energy letter

These inspections are needed for safe natural gas line operations. Inspections are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. These inspections will be performed by Southern Cross Inc.  Southern Cross technicians will be working in the city of Montgomery neighborhoods starting now.

To complete this inspection, Duke Energy and Southern Cross will need access to our natural gas meter and associated piping from the house or building wall.  We will also need the Duke Energy natural gas customer or a designated adult representative to be present at the premises to provide the inspection crew with the needed access. Please call 888-694-7284 or visit to schedule an appointment.

An inspection should take as little as 10 minutes.  Contractors will be:

  • Wearing visible Southern Cross picture identification card on the outside of their uniform.
  • Wearing a visible Duke Energy picture identification card on the outside of their uniform.
  • Able to provide a contact phone number for the customer to call for verification.
  • Diving a vehicle marked with a Southern Cross logo, not a Duke Energy logo

For more information, please review or email Amanda Rauch, project manager for IPI inspections, at

Thank you for your understanding and assistance with the inspection procedures.  The City of Montgomery will keep you informed on any additional updates on this project.