Special Storm Pick Up

Due to the widespread impact of the November 15 ice storm, the City of Montgomery will provide a special brush pick-up collection beginning Monday, November 26 through Wednesday, November 28.

Place tree limbs at the curb on Sunday, November 25. The chipping crew will only make one pass through the City.

This decision to provide a special brush pick-up was based on the impact the ice storm made on the entire community.  The City determines its response to weather incidents such as this on a case by case basis.

In addition to the special brush pick-up, Rumpke’s unlimited yard waste collection continues.  Residents may choose to take advantage of this collection program as well.

Please follow these brush pick up guidelines

  • Separate from Rumpke yard waste collection.
  • Brush containing nails, metal, stones or excessive dirt will not be picked up.
  • Vines and branches with thorns will not be picked up.
  • Limbs of any length and between 1/2 inch and 8 inches in diameter. Shorter branches, twigs and clippings should be placed in yard waste bags and/or cans to be picked up by Rumpke on your regular waste collection day.
  • Brush and limbs must be placed at the edge of the road or along the curb with the “cut” ends of brush toward the street in small piles. Please do not create large stacks or interwoven piles with “cut” ends placed in different directions as this makes the material difficult for crews to separate for collection.
  • Stumps, root balls and logs are not to be placed curbside for brush collection but may be placed out for Rumpke waste collection on your regularly scheduled day. Each item must not weigh more than 60 pounds.

Yard bags filled with freshly raked leaves

In 2015, Montgomery City Council approved a three-week expansion of the current Unlimited Yard Waste Collection program conducted through Rumpke, increasing the service period from five weeks to eight weeks. In addition, the City will also provide collections during the first three Saturdays in January to coincide with the Christmas tree and wreath collections.   The new unlimited yard waste collection program will start this year on Monday, October 29. The last week of unlimited yard waste pick up is the week of December 21. Guidelines

  • Leaves need to be placed in regular 30-gallon trash cans, paper leaf bags or yard waste toters (available through Rumpke).
  • There is a 75 lb weight limit on the 30-gallon cans/totes used for yard waste. Once temperatures fall below freezing, all waste must go into bags as the moisture causes the cans/toters to freeze. The toters cannot be emptied if they are over 75 lb.
  • Loosely place yard waste in trash cans or in paper yard waste bags available at grocery or hardware stores. Yard waste toters must be labeled as yard waste. Yard waste placed in unmarked toters will NOT be picked up.
  • Place yard waste on the opposite side of your driveway from your regular trash and leave the lids off the cans. No plastic bags will be picked up.
  • Brush should be bundled in sizes up to 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter and fastened with cotton twine. The bundles have a 50 lb weight limit.
  • Limbs need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and no larger than 6 inches in diameter.
  • All limbs have to be in a can or a bundle. They cannot be placed on the ground. Limbs are only permitted to reach 1 foot above the height of the can.

The schedule will be available on the City website and reminders on social media.  If there is a schedule change, a Code Red telephone message may be delivered. During unlimited collection, yard waste stickers are not required. If you have questions, please call 513-891-2424.