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The Public Works Department has issued an update on the Street Resurfacing schedule.  All of the streets have been milled, and currently, the contractor is performing manhole and water valve adjustments, full depth pavement repair, and pavement joint repair.  The contractor has scheduled Cooper Road to have its course pavement installed this Saturday, August 11.

The Indianwoods and Wellerwoods subdivisions, along with Hightower Court, are scheduled to have the SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer) applied the week of August 20 and will have its surface course pavement installed the week of August 27.  Weller Road will receive its surface course once the subdivisions are complete. This schedule may shift due to weather.

For additional questions regarding the Street Resurfacing program, please contact Gary Heitkamp, public works director, at 513-792-8321 or email gheitkamp@ci.montgomery.oh.us.

The previous article on the street resurfacing program is found here.