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Residential HomeOver the past 10 years, Montgomery has seen a significant increase in teardowns, with nearly one in every neighborhood.  Staff has continued to study and collect data regarding teardowns within the community.  In conjunction with the raw data, staff is seeking input regarding teardowns within the community and what impacts they have had on residents, as well as how the City has handled these concerns.  For example,

  • What has been the greatest nuisance during construction of a neighboring teardown?
  • Have there been post-construction issues?
  • Have you ever contacted the City regarding a teardown?

Please take the time to fill out the survey regarding construction of new single-family dwellings.  Public input is an important part of the City’s ongoing effort to evaluate policies and procedures in relation to residential construction.  Information gathered from this survey will be compiled into a white paper and presented to the City’s Planning, Zoning and Landmarks Committee of Council.

Click this link to provide input

This Neighborhood Map includes a listing and location of each Montgomery neighborhood.  You will need to identify your neighborhood in the survey.  If your street is not an identified neighborhood, choose the neighborhood that is closest to your street.

Please complete this online survey no later than March 1, 2018.  Should you require a paper copy or have additional questions, contact Melissa Hays at 513-792-8347 or mhays@montgomeryohio.org.