Do you know what plastic is recyclable?

Have you ever wondered where your plastic recycling goes when Rumpke hauls it away? It goes to the Rumpke Recycling Center or Material Recovery Facility located in St. Bernard. This facility processes approximately 1.5 million pounds of material each day. Rumpke works with several manufacturers, which have specific requirements for the plastic material they recycle,  and this is what determines the types of plastics that Rumpke will accept.

Plastic bags, fast food cups, takeout food containers, fruit clamshell containers, margarine and yogurt tubs are not accepted by these manufacturers.  When these items arrive at Rumpke’s Recycling Center, they are separated and sent to the landfill, 20 miles away.  Currently, about 10 percent of what is collected cannot be recycled.  For more information, please see this link.

Looking for a place to take the items not accepted by Rumpke?  Check out Whole Foods.  They currently have a recycling bin for these plastics.  Also, most grocery stores have a plastic bag recycling bin in the front of their stores.

How do you know which plastics should go into your Rumpke recycling bin?

These are recyclable.

These are not recyclable.