Protect our rivers and streams

Have you ever heard of the North Branch of Sycamore Creek or Polk Run Creek?  Montgomery residents unknowingly cross over these streams every day.  These major streams, along with their tributaries, run through our backyards, parks, and neighborhoods functioning as the outfall of our public and private storm drainage systems.

These waters eventually make their way into the Little Miami and Ohio Rivers, which is the source of drinking water for millions of people!  In addition to drinking water, these rivers and streams provide transportation, recreation, natural beauty, and habitat for many species of plants and animals. 

Protecting these streams from pollutants that are harmful to our health and welfare is an essential part of sustaining the great quality of life we have in the city of Montgomery and for our downstream friends. It is illegal to dump waste into storm sewers and streams per the City’s “Illicit Discharge Regulations” Ordinance adopted in 2013.

The most common connection we have to our streams are the stormwater grates found along the curbs or roadside ditches of our streets. 

In Montgomery, most stormwater grates are marked with small “No Dumping” labels.

Report any dumping of waste into the storm drain to the Public Works hotline number, 513-792-8355.

Young volunteers mark catch basins with no dumping stickers.

Keep in mind how you can protect our rivers and streams.

  • Do not dispose of paints and thinners, chemicals and cleaners, oil, radiator fluid, herbicides, pesticides, etc. into storm sewers. Read and follow the disposal instructions on containers.
  • Do not dispose of the materials mentioned above onto land with subsequent drainage into the storm sewer system (such as oil onto gravel driveways).
  • Do not dispose of sewage from RV/Bus holding tanks into storm sewers.
  • Report spills (or evidence of them) on highways and into creeks and streams.
  • Make sure septic systems are maintained and operating per code.
  • Remember that roof gutters and yard/driveway drains run into storm sewers either directly, or indirectly. Be mindful of materials discharged to them, such as harmful cleaning chemicals.

Residents are encouraged to report violations of dumping as soon as possible to the City of Montgomery Public Works Department at 513-792-8355.