Yard Waste

The City of Montgomery strives to offer yard waste and brush pick-up as frequently and cost-effectively as possible to city residents. In order to do that, Rumpke picks up yard waste most of the year with the City supplementing it with brush pick up in the spring and fall.

Rumpke Yard Waste Pick-up

Yard waste (three cans, paper leaf bags, or bundles) will be collected on a weekly basis at no charge from March through October for all one-and two-family residential homes.

Rumpke Yard Waste Guidelines
  • Limit 3 (bags, cans, bundles) or one 90 gallon yard waste toter, except during the unlimited yard waste collection period in the fall.
  • Additional bags, cans or bundles require one $2.00 Rumpke Waste Sticker per item, available at City Hall or the Montgomery Kroger, except during the unlimited yard waste period when stickers are not required.
  • Additional 90-gallon toters will require three stickers each.
  • Yard waste needs to be placed in regular 30-gallon trash cans, paper leaf bags or yard waste toters (available through Rumpke). In the event of snow, leaves must be placed in paper leaf bags ONLY.  Leaves will freeze in the can preventing collection. There is a 75-pound weight limit on the 30-gallon cans/toters. The toters cannot be emptied if they are more than 75 pounds.
  • Loosely place yard waste in trash cans or in paper yard waste bags available at grocery or hardware stores. Yard waste toters must be labeled as yard waste. Yard waste placed in unmarked toters will NOT be picked up.
  • Place yard waste on the opposite side of your driveway from your regular trash and leave the lids off the cans. No plastic bags will be picked up.
  • Brush should be bundled in sizes up to 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter and fastened with cotton twine. Bundles have a 50-pound weight limit.
  • Limbs need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and no larger than 2 inches in diameter.
  • All limbs must be in a can or bundled. They cannot be placed on the ground. Limbs are only permitted to reach 1 foot above the height of the can.
During an 8-week period starting during the first week of November, Rumpke will conduct an unlimited yard waste pickup. During this 8-week period, yard waste stickers are not required.

City Brush Pick Up

The Montgomery Public Works Department provides two special brush pick up events per year: a spring and a fall curbside bulk brush collection of brush and limbs. See the schedule for these special pick ups below.  Please have your brush out at the curb by Monday morning of your collection week.

2019 Spring Brush Pick Up

Trash Pick Up DayBrush Pick Up Week
MondayWeek of April 8
TuesdayWeek of April 15
WednesdayWeek of April 22
ThursdayWeek of April 29
FridayWeek of May 6

2019 Fall Brush Pick Up

Trash Pick Up DayBrush Pick Up Week
MondayWeek of September 9
TuesdayWeek of September 16
WednesdayWeek of September 23
ThursdayWeek of September 30
FridayWeek of October 7
City Brush Pick Up Guidelines
  • Piles must be placed curbside prior to the start of each week’s collection. Residents are urged to place brush curbside on the Sunday immediately prior to your scheduled collection week as material placed curbside after the chipper crew has passed will not be picked up.
  • Brush containing nails, metal, stones or excessive dirt will not be picked up.
  • Vines and branches with thorns will not be picked up.
  • Limbs of any length and between 1/2 inch and 8 inches in diameter. Shorter branches, twigs and clippings should be placed in yard waste bags and/or cans to be picked up by Rumpke on your regular waste collection day.
  • Brush and limbs must be placed at the edge of the road or along the curb with the “cut” ends of brush toward the street in small piles. Please do not create large stacks or interwoven piles with “cut” ends placed in different directions as this makes the material difficult for crews to separate for collection.
  • Brush piles that are tied into bundles or are tangled will not be picked up.
  • Stumps, root balls and logs are not to be placed curbside for brush collection but may be placed out for Rumpke waste collection on your regularly scheduled day. Each item must not weigh more than 60 pounds.

Hamilton County yard waste drop off locations

Contact Hamilton County Solid Waste District at 946-7700 or check their website for information on the schedule for yard waste drop off locations.