Community Development


Tracy Roblero

Tracy Roblero


Melissa Hays

Melissa Hays

Zoning and Code Compliance Officer

Evelyn Dumont

Evelyn Dumont

Building and Development Office Manager


The City of Montgomery planning division works with residents, business owners and developers to ensure that all new construction, and all exterior renovations and additions meet the guidelines specified in the Montgomery Zoning Code. The Planning Division acts as staff liaison to the Planning Commission and Landmarks Commission, which must review and approve some office, commercial and institutional projects. The planning division also reviews, approves and issues permits for signage in the City of Montgomery.  For more information, call (513) 792-8312.

Property Code Enforcement

The community development department is also responsible for on site enforcement of the City’s property maintenance code and the zoning code. Staff is responsible for monitoring new developments to ensure that they are consistent with plans approved by the Landmarks Commission, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. This division also investigates concerns about existing residential and commercial property in regards to grass and weeds, peeling paint, and storm water and erosion control.

Building (complete list of building permit forms)

The building division reviews, approves, and issues permits for all new construction, remodeling , renovations, additions, and alterations to any residential or non-residential construction in the City. The building division also conducts inspections and approves work in progress and issues certificates of occupancy. The building division is also available to answer questions about the regulations in the building code. Plumbing permits are obtained from the Hamilton County Health District.

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