By Vice Mayor Lynda Roesch

As we head into spring 2018 and hopefully put the worst of the cold and flu season behind us, we appreciate our physical health.  As we venture out from the frigid winter temperatures, we can see a reflection of the City’s health in the development along Montgomery Road.  New construction and new business are a welcome addition to the City for a variety of reasons, including:

  • It is an indication the business owners value the Montgomery location;
  • It brings additional employees to the City;
  • It brings additional revenue to the City in income taxes;
  • It brings additional customers or consumers into the City;
  • Those customers/consumers spend money in Montgomery; and
  • It improves the aesthetics of the City businesses that we have.

Although new construction entails some inconvenience for those on Montgomery Road, the timing is limited, and the City tries to minimize any difficulties.  Continued development along Montgomery Road is a good omen for all residents because it brings additional businesses to increase the tax base.  Most of the City’s revenues come from business taxes because property taxes overwhelmingly fund the school system (only 16% of the property tax goes to the City of Montgomery).  The City’s general fund revenues are in large part dependent on the City’s business tax base.  Furthermore, these businesses often partner with the City in sponsoring many of the City’s events such as the July 3 concert and Bastille Day Celebration.

Recently Stone Creek Dining Company announced a February opening for its new location in front of Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.  We hope to see another restaurant opening in the former Stone Creek location at 9386 Montgomery Road in the near future.  For the past six months or more, Twin Lakes has been building on its Main and North Campuses.  These additions include independent living units,  a new community room, and amenities such as dining and entertainment options.  In Council Member Margolis’s article in the January newsletter, he outlined the development occurring at the Vintage Club just north of The Christ Hospital Outpatient Center.  We should begin seeing the construction at Vintage Club North in the spring.  Further south on Montgomery Road, the Planning Commission has approved a general development plan for construction of Bethesda North’s comprehensive care treatment facility.  This will be built on the current campus at the corner of Pfeiffer and Montgomery Roads.

Let’s hope that 2018 continues to bring health to the City in more development along Montgomery Road.  The Vintage Club on the north end will add a mix of residential and business, and the Gateway Redevelopment Area on the south end will move forward with a similar mix of residential, retail businesses, and restaurants.  The next few years will be exciting as we begin to see the finished products that will mark the entrances to the City from the north and south.