Montgomery Makos finish an award-winning season

The 2018 Montgomery Makos finished the regular season 6-0 and were Division 2 Champions at the Tri-County League Championships.   Led by coaches Jessi, Chris, Luke, Erich, Noah and Madison, the Makos had their largest team ever.  This team broke many records and saw many personal bests!

Approximately 18 of the youngest swimmers participated in the inaugural season of Mini Makos.  They swam the first race of their careers in July.  It was an amazing sight to witness the cheers and encouragement that these newest Makos received from the rest of the team.

The Makos would not be successful without all of its volunteers and sponsors.  Thank you to Whitmer and Associates, Cintas, UNIT Building Services, and Kleinfelder Capital!

Congratulations to all of Makos swimmers.  Below is a list of the top 3 finishers and relay teams at the Championships.

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Individual Top 3 Finishers

1st Place

15-18 Boys 50 Breast Luke Tenbarge **Team Record
9-10 Boys 100 IM John Knapschaefer
9-10 Girls 50 Free Natalia Korte
9-10 Boys 50 Fly Arjun Velayutham
9-10 Boys 50 Back Arjun Velayutham
9-10 Boys 50 Breast Arjun Velayutham
7-8 Boys 25 Free Sam Broxterman
7-8 Boys 25 Fly Sam Broxterman
7-8 Girls 25 Breast Margo Simon
6 & Under Girls 25 Back Julia Ridgway

2nd Place

15-18 Boys 50 Free Noah Patterson **Team Record
13-14 Girls 50 Breast Sydney Skinner
11-12 Boys 100IM Scott Humphrey
11-12 Girls 50 Free Grace Humphrey
11-12 Boys 50 Fly Scott Humphrey
9-10 Boys 50 Fly Alex Nixon
9-10 Girls 50 Breast Sophia Simon
7-8 Boys 100 IM Sam Broxterman

3rd Place

15-18 Boys 100 IM Noah Patterson **Team Record
11-12 Girls 50 Back Maddie Griga
11-12 Boys 50 Breast Scott Humphrey
9-10Girls 100 IM Natalia Korte ** Team Record
9-10Girls 50 Free Kimaya Mundhe
9-10 Boys 50 Free Alex Nixon
6 & Under Girls 25 Free Katherine Thomas
7-8 Girls 100 IM Gaby Mahoney
7-8 Boys 25 Back Luke Knapschaefer
7-8 Boys 25 Breast Nicholas Richter

Top 3 Relay Finishes

1st Place

9-10 Girls Medley Relay Kimaya Mundhe, Sophia Simon, Natalia Korte, Maddie Nixon ** Team Record
9-10Girls Free RelayKimaya Mundhe, Maddie Friend, Maddie Nixon, Natalie Korte ** Team Record
9-10Boys Free Relay John Knapschaefer, Alex Nixon, Tejas Mundhe, Arjun Velayutham ** Team Record
7-8Girls Medley Relay Gaby Mahoney, Margo Simon, Naomi Broxterman, Charlotte Byrnes
7-8 Boys Medley Relay Grayden Hoffman, Sam Broxterman, Luke Knapschaefer, Finn Sedgwick
7-8 Boys Free Relay Luke Knapschaefer, Grayden Hoffman, Finn Sedgwick, Sam Broxterman

2nd Place

15-18 Boys 200 Medley Relay Noah Patterson, Liam Skinner, Declan Skinner, Luke Tenbarge
13-14 Girls 200 Free Relay Madison Boni, Sydney Skinner, Mary Grace Rinehart, Olivia Shields
15-18 Boys 200 Free Relay Luke Tenbarge, Declan Skinner, George Perry, Noah Patterson **Team Record
11-12 Boys 200 Medley Relay Ben Deihl, Drew Griga, Scott Humphrey, Jack Rinehart

3rd Place

13-14Woman 200 Medley Relay Madison Boni, Sydney Skinner, Olivia Shields, Mary Grace Rinehart
11-12Boys 200 Free Relay Ben Deihl, Drew Griga, Jack Rinehart, Scott Humphrey
9-10 Girls 200 Free Relay Riley Kleinfelder, Lilly Bell, Meredith Zepf, Sophia Simon
7-8100 Free Relay Margo Simon, Naomi Broxterman, Charlotte Byrnes, Gaby Mahoney