Mayor Chris Dobrozsi

Mayor Chris Dobrozsi

The city of Montgomery is truly a special community, and I am honored to serve as the mayor.  Thank you to the residents for electing me to another four-year council term last November and to City Council for your faith in me to lead the City for an additional two years as mayor.

I grew up in a typical southwest Ohio midwestern manufacturing city that, in its day, was surprisingly similar to the city of Montgomery as we enjoy it today.  That city was true Americana with the best schools, parks, streets/infrastructure, restaurants/retail, city services and engaged citizens that created a true community.  Things are much different today as major employers have closed or downsized, leaving that city in financial hardship and struggling to rebuild its economic base.

Montgomery is a premier residential community, and the role of Mayor and City Council is to ensure that the City remains as such for generations to come and does not suffer the same fate as my hometown.  We are fortunate to have incredible City staff and engaged residents that allow City Council to focus on the future and not get entrenched in the daily issues that many other cities are facing.

To ensure the great City of Montgomery is the premier community of choice in the future, City Council is focused on the following strategic initiatives:

  • Constant Citizen Engagement – this is critical to community building as well as residents giving back to the community more than they take, as we each have a special talent.
  • Continued Financial Stewardship – the cyclical economy demands this.
  • A Leader in Diversity and Inclusion – these conversations must continue as the global economy makes Montgomery more diverse than ever.
  • An Ongoing Partnership with Sycamore Community Schools – schools are the #1 reason families move to Montgomery.
  • Continued Outreach to the Business Community – critical to financial stability.
  • Development of the Gateway Redevelopment Area (“GRA”) – this development will not only enhance our community, but it will also provide a new diverse source of earnings tax revenue.
  • Development of the Vintage Club North – completing the “village” component and complimenting the existing residential and professional medical office.

Having City Council and City staff focus on these critical strategic items ensures Montgomery will continue to be the premier community of choice for generations to come – ensuring best in class city services (police, fire, recreation, public works, etc.), infrastructure, parks, amenities, connectivity and opportunity for citizen engagement.  The most important of these being the engagement of the citizens, in open, honest dialogue, bringing special talents to the table to create “Community.”