The Montgomery Fire Department recently took delivery of a new Braun ambulance, a replacement vehicle outlined in the Capital Improvement Plan.  Indian Hill resident Harold Thomas donated funds for the purchase of this vehicle.

Mr. Thomas approached Chief Paul Wright in early 2017 and offered to purchase the department’s next ambulance out of appreciation to the Montgomery Fire Department and their excellent working relationship with the Madeira Indian Hill Joint Fire District.  The City is grateful for Mr. Thomas’s benevolent gift and his generosity to Montgomery and other surrounding communities.

This new ambulance replaces a 12-year-old unit and comes complete with the latest technology and construction improvements in the industry.  The vehicle was built following the specifications of a departmental employee team that investigated the needs of the community in coordination with the options available from several possible manufacturers.  The employee team that wrote the specifications and oversaw the construction of the vehicles is to be congratulated for a job well done.

One obvious major difference is the ambulance’s color scheme.  The departmental employee team asked to change the white and blue markings to a more traditional red with black paint and graphics scheme.  After receiving approval from City Council and City administration, the new red and black scheme was adopted.  All future departmental vehicle purchases will have the red and black paint and graphics.