Montgomery earned Best City Recycling Rate in 2018

Congratulations, Montgomery residents! In 2018, we recycled 1,050.54 tons of metal, glass, plastic, and paper and composted 1075.03 tons of yard trimmings. Residents saved resources, conserved energy, and reduced pollution by recycling. The recycling and composting efforts in Montgomery:

  • Conserved enough energy to power every home in Montgomery for 19 days.
  • Reduced more air pollution than if every household in Montgomery rode their bicycle to work for 13
  • Saved 8,885 trees from being harvested.
  • Created 538 tons of finished compost to regenerate our soil.

On average, each household in Montgomery recycled 610 pounds in 2018. That’s 40.13 percent of all the waste we generate. Want to start recycling? Call 513-891-2424 or visit Montgomery City Hall during business hours to get started.

Have a question about recycling? Call Hamilton County’s Recycling Hotline at 513-946-7766 or visit Love all things recycling? Follow Hamilton County Recycles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or PinterestBecause what we do matters.


We Can Recycle:

  • Glass Bottles and Jars

  • Bottles and Jugs

  • Cartons

Paper (Newspaper, Cardboard, Mail, Paperboard)

  • Cans