Membership & Daily Rates

Award Winning Membership Options!

  • Standard - Full membership for the season.
  • Weekend - Saturday and Sunday only
  • Evening Only - Pool entrance after 5 p.m. every day
  • Mid season - Available starting July 15
  • Grandchild - *Senior Single rate + $20 per child

2020 Membership & Daily Fees


Membership TypeStandardWeekendEveningMid-Season
Single (14+)$135$98$85$85
Family with Sitter$350$248$214$214
Senior Single (60+)$100$73$64$64



Membership TypeStandardWeekendEveningMid-Season
Single (14+)$215$154$133$133
Family with Sitter$550$388$334$334
Senior Single (60+)$135$98$85$85


Membership TypeStandardWeekendEveningMid-Season
Single (14+)$155$112$97$97
Family with Sitter$400$283$244$244
Senior Single (60+)$110$80$70$70

  • Ages 13 to adult – $7
  • Ages 3-12 – $5
  • Ages 2 & under – Free
  • After 5 p.m. – $4
  • Seniors (60 & over) anytime – $3
  • 20-visit punch card (residents and pool members only) $120 *
    * 20-visit passes are available for residents and pool members only.  One visit is subtracted from the pass for each person entering using the pass.  For example, six people in one visit equal six visits.  20-visit passes are kept track of in the pool computer, there is not a physical pass card. 20-visit passes are valid for current season only and do not transfer to future seasons.
  • Proof of residency is required when paying daily fees.
  • There is a maximum of five guests with paying resident or family. Guests must be accompanied by active pool member or resident throughout their visit at the pool.

Groups must request reservations at least two weeks in advance because of staff scheduling by contacting the City of Montgomery at 513-891-2424. To receive the ½ price group rate, you must have a minimum of 10 paying customers and a maximum of 35. Guests must be accompanied by a resident (daily gate fee paid), pool member, or an employee of a business located in the City of Montgomery during the entire length of their visit. Each person will be admitted for $3.00. This rate applies during the pool’s operation hours. If it is a group of children under age 10, the adult to child ratio must be a least 1:6. Chaperones must be actively supervising their group at all times. Chaperones also pay the $3.00 entry fee. Groups must follow the food policy by keeping food in the concession seating area. A list of names of those attending must be left at the front desk for check-in. Please inform parents that they must drop off and pick up at the front gate. They will not be permitted inside the facility to wait for their child. Groups must follow all pool rules. Capacity is limited. Groups are scheduled on a first come first served basis. We cannot guarantee groups will be able to obtain admission.

Membership Miscellaneous Information

  • All memberships are valid for current season only.
  • Pool memberships can be purchased online using our new Recreation and Events Program, REC 1. You must create a REC1 account or use a REC1 account in order to purchase a pool membership online.
  • Business memberships and all types of Senior memberships must be purchased at City Hall. Online purchase for these types of memberships is not available. To apply for a business pool membership, please bring a current paystub verifying employment in Montgomery which must be shown at the time of purchase
  • For more efficiency at the pool front desk, the City Hall Customer Service team will be processing all pool membership applications and payments. Pool front desk staff will no longer be entering membership information or processing any membership payments.
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