In addition to experiencing the equipment used by the Public Works staff members, MCLA Class of 2019 participants were challenged to prioritize Montgomery streets for snow plowing.

Staying true to its motto “The Coolest Community Experience You’ll Ever Have!,” the Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy (MCLA) Class of  2019 attended a session in the bay of the City’s Public Works service department building on Cornell Road in February. Participants took a true look ‘behind the curtain’ of the Montgomery community. This session, entitled “Innovative Solutions in Public Works, Recreation and Parks,” was made complete with a picnic-style grill out by the hosts.

MCLA participants had the ‘hands-on’ opportunity to ‘touch a truck’ and learn more about the wide variety of services provided by Public Works and Recreation. Did you know that Public Works digs the graves at Hopewell Cemetery?

As the evaluations for this session came back, this quote seemed to sum up the impressions of the MCLA 2019 Class, “The program truly showcased the depth of knowledge and passion that the presenters have for our city.”

We are currently recruiting residents, small and large business professionals, and community group representatives to enroll for MCLA 2020. If you are interested, contact Ray Kingsbury, director of citizen engagement, at 513-792-8359, or by email,  Find more information on the City website here.

MCLA has been full since its inception in 2008, so apply today!  Applications will be available on the website April 1.