January saw the beginning of the thirteenth Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy (MCLA). This year motivated residents are again taking the journey from being a resident to becoming an actively engaged citizen. The first four sessions featured the following:


  • We Are Montgomery! – Our opening session was conducted at Terwilliger Lodge and provided an introduction to the Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy and what to expect over the following nine sessions. This session also serves as a platform to identify “who’s in the room?” and why it is important that Montgomery’s local elected officials not just govern for the people, but more importantly, with the people.


  • Zen and the Art of Connection – Based on the work of Peter Block, best-selling author, and international consultant, this workshop was held in the Davies Community Center at Twin Lakes Senior Living Community and covered topics such as the power of a small group, the importance of connection, the influence of place, building community, the essentials of citizen commitment and accountability, and much more. It also included a graphic recording of the conversations by Brandon Black of “Drawnversation”.


  • Montgomery… Our Town, USA – City Council chambers was the site for this session that consists of an introduction to the structure of Montgomery city government, the City’s mission, strategic plan, and operating philosophy.  Also, a mock City Council meeting was conducted where participants fill the roles of the city council, staff, and concerned residents.  A fictitious scenario was used to heighten the reality.


  • Taxes, TIF’s, and Our Town– Held at Ohio National Financial Services, this session was designed to explain the City’s finances, such as where the revenue comes from and how it is expended. Development financing techniques, such as Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and others, were simulated and how they have factored into Montgomery’s progress.


All of this year’s MCLA participants are greatly enjoying their look behind the scenes of our Montgomery community.

If you are interested in joining us in 2021 for this highly interactive and nationally recognized program, visit  montgomeryohio.org to apply or for more information.  Contact Ray Kingsbury, director of citizen engagement, at 513-792-8359.

Space is limited. Applications are available starting April 1.

The graphic recording of the Zen and the Art of Connection conversations by Brandon Black of “Drawnversation.”