As one continues to mow their lawn this summer, the City of Montgomery reminds homeowners and landscapers to keep grass clippings on the lawn and out of the street and off the sidewalks.

Blowing grass clippings into the street is dangerous to the health of local streams and waterways and a code violation.

Grass clippings in the street:

  • Can clog sewers;
  • Will negatively impact local streams and waterways;
  • Are dangerous for motorists and bicyclists;
  • Makes one’s yard and property look unkempt; and
  • Can harm property values and upset the neighborhood.

Grass clippings in the street are also dangerous to motorcyclists. Blowing grass clippings on to a street can cause slippery conditions for vehicles.

Please take the time to properly bag and dispose of grass clippings, or sweep grass clippings back into the yard for composting purposes.