Extra credit: Is it safe to walk and text? No, this is also referred to as intexicated driving or walking and refers to an individual who is distracted by texting or composing an email on a handheld device while walking or driving and is therefore unaware of the surroundings. Put down your phones!

Sometimes we need reminders on how to be a better driver.  Here is a quiz to take at home with friends and family and even with the newest driver in your house! Answers to these questions are found below.


1. Where is your cell phone while you are driving?
    • Anywhere but your hands! Most newer cars are equipped with “hands-free” technology.  Wait to text. Two seconds with your eyes not focused on driving can be fatal.


2. Do you stop at stop signs or is a “roll through” good enough?
    • Always stop completely. This stop gives you time to access pedestrians, other vehicles, or animals that may jump out unexpectedly.


3. Do you drive slowly looking out for pedestrians while driving through business parking lots?
    • Pedestrians often pop out from between cars or businesses, so we need to be extra vigilant when driving through business parking lots. Try to make eye contact between driver and pedestrian.


4. Do you speed up at merge situations or do you let the other driver move over?
    • Most merge situations are designed with the “zipper theory” in mind for the smoothest flow. Motorists should let the merging vehicles in without fighting for position.


5. It’s ok to drive above the speed limit if you are late for work? True/False
    • False – clocks and speedometers do not work together!
6. Do you know what the 3-foot rule is when it comes to cyclists?
    • Ohio has adopted a 3-foot passing rule when motorists encounter cyclists on public roadways. You must slow and give at least a 3-foot space from the cyclist as you pass.


7. Is it a state law to move one lane over for a stopped emergency vehicle?
    • Yes, Ohio law requires motorists to move over one lane or slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle. Many first responders are killed annually due to inattentive drivers.
8. I believe my vehicle has the right of way at a pedestrian crosswalk if I get there first.
    • At lighted intersection crosswalks, pedestrians must cross based on signals. For all other crosswalks, the pedestrian has the right of way once in the crosswalk.


9. It’s just fine to wear headphones while I drive. True/False
    • It is against the law in Ohio to wear headphones while driving. Wearing headphones may limit your ability to yield to emergency vehicles or hear another vehicle’s horn.
10. Headlights aren’t necessary if I can see where I’m going. True/False
    • False–Ohio laws now require that headlights must be used whenever windshield wipers are used. Additionally, headlights are required 30 minutes before sunset and 30 minutes hour after sunrise. Headlights are not just for you to see but for others to see you.


How well did you do? While these answers may seem fairly simple, sometimes we all need a little reminder.

For any questions regarding traffic safety, please contact an officer at the Montgomery Police Department at 513-985-1600.