On occasion City Arborist Terry Willenbrink is asked how to get rid of invasive, non-native honeysuckle and when is the best time to remove it. He reports that a good time to remove it is any time of the year. Now especially may be a good time during the fall brush collection program, starting Sept. 9, to place the brush and debris at the curbside.

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To control this invasive plant:

  • Cut and remove the honeysuckle.
  • Cut the honeysuckle at ground level
  • Apply any herbicide, purchased at a local hardware store, to the freshly cut root stem or root trunk.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, “Amur Honeysuckle is a noxious woody shrub, introduced in southern Ohio in the late 1950s but is now rampant across the state and throughout much of the Eastern United States. A native of northeastern Asia, this vigorous, invasive shrub has displaced many native shrubs with its aggressive growth and ability to reseed itself in neighboring areas via bird-dispersed fruits.”