The seven members of Montgomery’s Environmental Advisory Commission (EAC) are a resource to the City on environmental issues such as recycling, water management, pollution mitigation and protection of Montgomery’s land and flora.  The Commission works closely with City administration and public works to actualize its mission.

During 2017, the Commission logged over 220 volunteer hours with much of the finding alternative uses for trash.  The EAC has “routine” recycling/clean-up programs that occur periodically throughout the year.

  • “Adopt-A-Spot” trash pick-up along Pfeiffer Road
  • Monthly cardboard and metal recycling at Public Works
  • Two paper shredding events
  • One-stop-drop recycling event

In addition to meeting and planning sessions, the Commission also led two catch-basin labeling events as well as participated in the City’s Beautification Day, July 4 activities, Bastille Day and the City-Wide Garage Sale.

At the end of 2017, working with City administration, the Commission partnered on a curbside textile recycling program with Simple Recycling.  This program is of no cost to the City or residents and is intended to make it easier for residents to recycle textiles, clothing and small household items.  This orange-bag program is not an attempt to divert materials from your favorite charity, but a program to take those lone-ranger items as well as items that are truly at the end of their useful lives.

These recycling programs pay real dividends for the City through the Hamilton County Residential Recycling Incentive.  The City has received over $38,000 in recent years to offset the cost of recycling to Montgomery residents.

The EAC also made a recommendation to the City to extend the Solar Panel incentive and worked with public works to complete the installation of a stormwater harvesting system at their facility.  The harvested water is used to water the City’s plants and flowers thus saving money on potable water. The EAC is always looking for ways to more effectively capture and utilize the energy and resources that come to us naturally.

The EAC meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. and we welcome visitors! Please follow the City website to see monthly agendas at