Mike Cappel

By Mike Cappel

Social media has brightened our world but is slowly changing it.  Social media has created communities, empowered individuals, and gives us instant updates to news from around the world.

Through private video chat, my wife and I can see and talk with our grandchildren on a snowy day when the roads are closed.  From France, their great-grandma follows their school activities and other adventures through social media.  Great-grandma often tells us she feels like she is with us here in Cincinnati.  Like our international family, Facebook and other social media channels allow dispersed, diverse groups of folks to come together as a community.  Social media is a place we find others with similar interests. Great-grandma is not really here, she only sees the best pictures and videos. She misses out on the falls, tumbles, and tears that are part of our life.  Digital relationships make folks think they are in a personalized relationship and everyone sees the world the same way; however, digital relationships are framed by the poster and selectively joined.

Social media allows everyone to post their views as “news” since there is rarely a content editor. This is the democratization of information sharing at its best.  Accurate reporting of news requires that the reporter is qualified in the subject area or is at least trained in how to report in a timely and unbiased manner.   Even a mediocre reporter will explain the context of the issue, yet avoid spinning the content, attacking the newsmakers, or including their own emotions.  Basically, a reporter should act like a professional.

The City of Montgomery publishes a monthly newsletter and periodic press releases. The City’s communication professionals post City updates and articles on the following social media platforms.

These postings are identified as originating from the City of Montgomery. These postings conform to City policy, are timely, peer-reviewed before posting, and as unbiased as possible.

Complete agendas for Council meetings and other public meetings are posted here or here on the website in accordance with City rules and Ohio Open Meeting Act notification requirements.  If someone is interested in an agenda item, a timely, face-to-face discussion at a City Council, Committee of City Council, or a City Board or Commission meeting is the most effective place to share one’s views.  Please remember that your voice is one of the many voices we hear from the choir of residents.