Create a sustainable yard or garden to attract birds and insects

It may be cold outside, but it is never too early to plan a garden. This year consider a sustainable garden. A sustainable garden is one that does not deplete natural resources. It works with its natural surroundings to create a thriving ecosystem that saves water, reduces the need for pesticides, and prevents soil degradation; all of which help the environment.

One way to achieve a sustainable garden is by planting flowers and vegetables together. Flowers not only add beauty to the garden but attract birds and insects. Birds are attracted to the seeds and insects feed on the pollen and nectar. Providing food to bees and other insects allow them to reproduce, thereby producing more “good insects” to munch on the bad.

Flowers also create a physical barrier as opposed to a chemical barrier.  For example, if your eggplant becomes infested, the insect won’t travel to the other eggplants because there is an odorous marigold blocking the way. Marigolds deter a wide range of harmful insects.  Click here to learn more about which flower-plant combinations work well for pest control. In addition, plants native to the area naturally attract birds and insects.

Native plants have deep roots which help hold the soil in place, control erosion, and filter stormwater. Click this link for a list of plants native to Hamilton County.