MCLA Class of 2019 got to experience the electric car built by the Sycamore High School engineering class. Applications for MCLA 2020 class are now available on the City’s website.

Most leadership academies sponsored by cities across the country provide a lecture style overview of local government services. A city staff member will stand up in front of a group of residents and share the importance and effectiveness of the services they provide. Often it is only designed to persuade the participants that local government is a value for their money.

The Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy (MCLA) has received national recognition for being something different. With MCLA, we try to do things a little more creatively. First, is the mistaken notion that local government has all the answers.

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The City views MCLA as an opportunity for two-way dialogue with residents, seeing residents as a valuable resource in refining services, and planning for the future. MCLA participants are seen as partners in struggling with the tough questions facing the community. Workshops are designed to harvest the aggregate knowledge and experiences of Montgomery’s most important stakeholders.

Secondly, we believe that local government is a “subset” of the larger community. Neighborhoods, businesses, schools, religious institutions, and others are all equally important. MCLA calls on some of our community partners to share their stories with the participants.  Our partners are:

  • Ohio National Financial Services,
  • Sycamore Community Schools,
  • Bethesda North Hospital, and
  • Twin Lakes Senior Living Community.

The City, with these partners, seeks to provide a well-rounded experience for those wishing to “look behind the curtain” of the Montgomery community.


MCLA has received national attention for this creative approach. If you are interested in applying for MCLA, visit this page. Call Ray Kingsbury, director of citizen engagement, at 513-792-8359 for more information.  The application deadline is Sept. 30.