City of Montgomery is a Top Workplace

Council Member Lee Ann Bissmeye

By Council Member Lee Ann Bissmeyer

On June 5, the City of Montgomery was awarded the designation of a Top Workplace, 2019 by the Cincinnati Enquirer, in partnership with Energage. Energage has been helping businesses, non-profits and municipalities improve operations since 2006. Out of the many recipients of this award for the Cincinnati area, the City of Montgomery was the only municipality selected.

The process entails employees taking a third-party survey, administered by Energage, with anonymity which encourages employees to share freely. Upon receiving the award, the City was notified that not only did it score very well on the standard questions, but the employees also had an unusually high rate of completing optional comment areas to elaborate on their work conditions. City staff went out of their way to report how happy, valued, and heard they feel.

It was a great honor to be chosen, however, it shouldn’t be a surprise to those of us who live and work in Montgomery. We know what a special place Montgomery is.  As residents, we can see the employee satisfaction in how well we are served when we call City Hall or attend City events.

I am so pleased that our City staff is getting recognized for the hard work they provide to us!

This validates that our leadership is on track and continuously encourages the traits of a High-Performance Organization.

Peter Drucker quipped: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Here in Montgomery, we take our Strategic Plan very seriously, but without the right culture, it would never get executed well.

When we have employees who are happy to work here, they are three times more engaged and stay twice as long as average employees.  As you can see from the statistics, it is a win for both our staff as well as our residents.