City of Montgomery celebrates Public Works building expansion

Expanded facility ensures long-term sustainability

Public Works Director Gary Heitkamp, Mayor Chris Dobrozsi, City Manager Brian Riblet, and Assistant Public Works Director Terry Willenbrink celebrated the completion of the Public Works Department expansion project.

Montgomery City Council recognized the recent renovation and expansion of Montgomery’s Public Works Building, 7315 Cornell Road, with the placement of a commemorative stone marker.

On Wednesday, July 25, Montgomery City Council, CT Consultants, Perkins/Carmack Construction, LLC. and City staff gathered at the Public Works Department, 7315 Cornell Road, for a dedication ceremony to celebrate the recent renovation and expansion of the facility.

In early 2017, Montgomery City Council authorized a building expansion and renovation project for the Public Works facility located at 7315 Cornell Road.

The Public Works Building Addition and Renovation Project had been reviewed and discussed in previous Public Works Committee of Council meetings and City Council Budget Review meetings dating back to 2015. The project was approved to expand the capacity of the department to meet the increasing service demands.

“It was extremely important to City Council, in order to meet the service demands placed on the Public Works Department, that the department and its employees have the space and resources needed to meet these demands and continue to deliver high-quality services,” explained Montgomery Mayor Chris Dobrozsi.

Staff began working on design concepts with CT Consultants in 2016, leading to final construction drawings, which included enhanced office space and a conference room, a break room, locker room facilities, and an additional 3,500 square foot garage bay area.  The expansion also included additional fire protection, including a sprinkler system, and a backup generator.

“Stewardship of public funds is at the heart of everything we do in the City of Montgomery and, consistent with this, it was extremely important to include an expanded garage bay, fire protection, and a backup generator to ensure that the project was completed for long-term sustainability and protection of City resources,” noted City Manager Brian Riblet.

The contractor, Perkins/Carmack Construction LLC, completed the project in late-spring of 2018. The approximate cost of the project was $980,000.

The existing building was built in 1995 when the Public Works Department needed more room for their operations.  At that time, the location on Cornell Road was chosen as it was close to another public institution, Sycamore High School, and the land was buffered by Johnson Nature Preserve from the residential subdivisions to the south and east, limiting residential impact.