Every summer, traveling thieves arrive in affluent suburban cities with crime on their minds. They tend to take advantage of residents who let their guard down. These criminals have used the same tricks over the years and never run out of new victims.

The Montgomery Police Department is very aware of the activities of this brand of criminals. Prior arrests and contacts within Montgomery have given the police a great deal of insight into their tactics. In one prior arrest, a male and a female were in possession of two-way walkie-talkies, a large amount of cash, and fake passports. In this case, a female was walking through yards checking doors of houses with a male accomplice driving nearby. When confronted, the female indicated she was looking for her dog.

This is big business for these thieves and their mobility and phony identification make them very hard to catch. This is why a little information is powerful. Residents should be alert for these slippery criminals, especially during the summer months.
• They are looking for unlocked doors during daytime hours.
• Elderly residents working in the yard with the garage door open are prime targets.
• A female usually does the walking through yards with a male accomplice driving nearby.
• If confronted, they will be looking for a dog, looking for directions, or asking for a glass of water.
• They may pose as workers, inquiring about tree work or driveway blacktopping.
• For the most part, they are not violent, unless they are trapped inside your house. In that case, they use whatever force is necessary to escape.
• They tend to prefer SUV’s and have out-of-state license plates.
• They may use diversion techniques, where the resident is approached by one subject and a conversation is started, while the other subject is selecting your best jewelry.

To minimize becoming a victim:
• Residents should be alert to lock all doors, even when working in the yard.
• Do not store valuables in predictable places. They are targeting jewelry, cash and small valuables that are easily concealable.
• Be the nosey neighbor. Be alert to your surroundings and challenge people walking through your neighbor’s yards.
• If you are suspicious, call the police right away with a detailed description of the subjects and their vehicle.
• Do not try to detain or overtake these people.

If residents are alert and vigilant throughout this area, hopefully, these traveling thieves will not find Montgomery to be an easy target and a quick payday!