The twelfth season of The Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy 2019 is set to begin in January.  A record number of residents and business people have applied to embark on their journey into a behind the scenes look at our Montgomery community.  Not only will they be learning new information, but they will be meeting some of the players that make Montgomery tick. These people are not only local elected officials and educational leaders but some of the leadership in our business community.

A variety of conversations will take place over the course of the ten sessions. Discussions and deliberations will occur about such topics as historic preservation, economic development, safety and the general building of community. These conversations are an important element of the MCLA experience, not just because it deepens the relationships between participants, but rather it gives local officials and city staff an understanding of what residents are thinking.

Similar to previous classes, the MCLA 2019 class is generally comprised of residents, members of community organizations and local business people ranging in ages from their early 30s to over 70. This diversity provides a wide “swatch” of community fabric that makes for enriching conversations about local, timely topics.

MCLA is receiving national attention for its creative approach. So, if you are interested in applying for MCLA 2020, applications will start being accepted in April of next year. Visit the website, or call Ray Kingsbury, Director of Citizen Engagement at 513-792-8359.