2012 Annual Report

Public Works

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The public works department is responsible for the City’s infrastructure which includes 46.2 centerline miles of roadways, management of the City’s traffic signal system, park maintenance and improvements for the seven parks and many green spaces, Hopewell Cemetery and the eleven City-owned facilities and landmarks. The public works department is also responsible for completing various capital improvement projects and the City’s beautification efforts.  The department includes a director, assistant director, code and compliance inspector, public works supervisor, ten full-time service workers and six seasonal staff members.

Montgomery Signal Project

The Montgomery Signals Project was completed by Complete General Construction, Inc.  The traffic signal and safety improvement project for eleven signalized intersections included computer hardware and software upgrades, vehicle detection systems, traffic signal pre-emption and back-up power sources at every intersection allowing traffic signals to transition to an auxiliary power source during electrical service interruptions.  These improvements enable Montgomery’s signal system to operate in a traffic responsive mode in “real” time and consider road conditions and are an enhancement for traffic progression along Montgomery Road and surrounding roadways.  The total cost of the project was approximately $660,000 and included $540,175 in grant funding through the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI).

Weller Tennis Courts Improvement Project

The Weller Tennis Courts Improvement Project was completed by West Side Paving Contractors.  The project resulted in the milling of existing asphalt and the resurfacing of the four tennis courts and included new pole foundations and anchors to support the tennis nets.  The total cost of the project was approximately $63,000 and was funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

Sidewalk Projects

sidewalk repair
Sidewalk replacement project

Inspection and repair of all public sidewalks north of Pfeiffer Road and east of Montgomery Road were completed in 2012.  This marked the 12th year of the City of Montgomery Inspection and Repair Program, which covers one quadrant of the City each year. The 2012 City-funded repair program included 500 square feet of concrete sidewalk removal and replacement and 275 square feet of concrete paver sidewalk repairs. Additionally, 16 crosswalk ramps were upgraded in the project “focus” area now meeting the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The entire cost of the repairs and capital upgrades were funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program in accordance with legislation adopted by Montgomery City Council in 2000.

Street Resurfacing

The Annual Street Resurfacing Project included work on eleven roadways and was completed by Barrett Paving Materials, Inc.  The project resulted in the resurfacing of 2.3 centerline miles of roadway and also included the total rehabilitation of 0.1 centerline miles of roadway on Trailwind Drive between Baywind Drive and Treeheights Court.  The project also included 2,741 linear feet of curb removal and replacement, the repair and rebuild of 84 catch basins and the adjustment of 35 manholes.  The total cost of the project was approximately $604,000 and was funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

Bituminous Black Mat (Microsurfacing) Project

black mat repairs
Bituminous Black Mat Project

The Bituminous Black Mat (Microsurfacing) Project included work on two roadways and was completed by American Pavements, Inc. The project resulted in the microsurfacing of 0.6 centerline miles of roadway.  The total cost of the project was approximately $87,000 and was funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program.

Fuel Conservation

Fuel conservation efforts continued in 2012 to reduce the overall fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary idling, assuring tires on vehicles are properly inflated, removing excess items from vehicles that add weight, planning daily work tasks to eliminate unnecessary travel and other best practices.

Drainage Improvements

Projects to improve localized drainage and erosion problems were completed in public easements or right-of-ways at the following locations:

Parks Projects

Several projects identified as community priorities in the 2007 Park Study were completed in 2012 including:

Brush Program

Public works staff completed the annual Spring and Fall Brush Pick-Up Program resulting in 471 staff hours, 803 pick-up locations and the accumulation of 308 cubic yards of brush collection.

Tree City USA

Tree City Usa logoThe City of Montgomery received Tree City USA status for the 17th consecutive year as well as receiving the Tree City USA Growth Award for the 14th time.  The City continues to undertake significant work to improve the quality of the urban forest.  These efforts included the work of committed volunteers that provided “in-kind” labor that focused on the planting and care of publicly maintained trees.  The collaborative work of City staff and Beautification and Tree Commission members demonstrates a true partnership that recognizes Montgomery as a community that has developed an urban forestry program which is among the best in Ohio and the United States.

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Montgomery and Pfeiffer Planned Improvements

In 2012, staff continued plans for an improvement project at the Montgomery Road and Pfeiffer Road intersection that is targeted for construction in 2014. The project area is approximately 1,200 feet in length, 600 feet on Pfeiffer Road and 600 feet on Montgomery Road, includes constructing an additional eastbound left turn lane on Pfeiffer Road at Montgomery Road and constructing an exclusive northbound right turn lane on Montgomery Road into the Bethesda North Hospital main access. In addition to the turn lanes, a sidewalk will be added on the east side of Montgomery Road from Radabaugh Drive to the Bethesda North Hospital main access.  Updated curb ramps and audible pedestrian signals compliant with the ADA will be included for both the intersection of Montgomery Road at Pfeiffer Road and Montgomery Road at Bethesda North Hospital.  The project will be primarily funded by a grant secured from OKI.