2012 Annual Report

Fire Department

fire collage

The department is staffed by nine full-time firefighter/paramedics, one part-time administrative aide and 30 part-time firefighter/paramedic/EMTs. The department staffs the fire station with dedicated and professional personnel 24 hours per day at the Safety Center at the corner of Montgomery and Hopewell Roads. This station houses two medic ambulances, one rescue pumper, one fire engine, one quint fire truck and one support/hydrant maintenance vehicle.

2012 Statistics

The department handled fire, EMS and rescue incidents as seen in the graphics above and to the right. Emergency medical service incidents continued to be one of the priorities of the department and were responsible for 69% of the total incident volume. In 2012, the City saw a loss of value due to fire totalling $87,450. The department attributes the low number of fire incidents to our fire prevention efforts and the inspections conducted by our staff.  In a modern fire service, preventing the outbreak and serious spread of fire is considered as essential to public safety as proficiency in fighting fires.

ISO Rating

car accident scene
Vehicle Extrication Training

The department received an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of two as a result of the review of the department’s operations.  The ISO uses a scale of one to nine for their rating system. If a city has a score of nine, its residents will pay a much higher premium than a city with a lower score.  Montgomery's previous ISO score was a three.  Current data show there are 2,833 communities in the State of Ohio. No community has a score of one and only 32 other communities in Ohio have a score of two.  This excellent rating is indicative of our personnel's committment to high quality fire and safety services.

Fire Department Funding

A 5.5 mil levy was approved by the community in 1999 to fund the operations of the fire department. The levy was projected to last ten years, or until 2009.  Through careful planning and budget controls, the department has been able to stretch the funding past 2009. Under current projections, the current levy should fund the department through 2017, or eight years beyond the projected life of the levy.  The only other revenue comes to the department through the billing of EMS patients who are not property owners in the City of Montgomery.  With the loss of revenue from the State of Ohio eliminating the Tangible Personal Property Tax, it is projected that the department will see a decline in revenue of approximately $115,000 per year.

Public Education

arrive alive
Arrive Alive Program at Sycamore High School

Public education programs, once again, were very successful for the department.  Tours of the Safety Center, CPR classes and Fire Prevention Week activities (to name a few) kept all busy with these worthwhile programs.  A total of 88 individual programs were offered to 1,510 participants, as the department tries to prevent injuries and accidents from occurring in the community.  Another program that has been offered for years is the Child Car Seat Safety Program, where citizens are taught how to properly use and place their children in a car seat.  Since the beginning of this program in 1999, the department has instructed over 2,437 individuals in the proper installation of child car seats. Installations of car seats totalled 151 during 2012. 

Citizen Emergency Response Team

A Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) was organized in 2012 and educated 23 residents on how to handle emergencies in the event they are first on the scene in their neighborhood.  CERT members are dedicated to assisting our emergency services by responding to large scale emergencies when local resources are exhausted and regional, State and federal resources are yet to arrive.  Examples of such large scale emergencies include tornados, long-term power outages, winter storms and other natural disasters. Additionally, CERT members are responsible for assisting with public education as they work with their neighbors in preparing for disasters and emergencies.

Looking Towards 2013

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2012 has been a full year with many new challenges and changes.  The fire department continues to mature into a first-rate public safety organization.  Based on the department’s plan for 2013, the future looks equally exciting as well as challenging.