2012 Annual Report

City Council

City Council collage

The City of Montgomery operates under a Council-Manager form of government with seven elected City Council members working with a city manager appointed by City Council with the support of a clerk of council and a law director.  All City Council members are elected at large by a popular vote of City residents for staggered terms of four years.  Once seated, City Council members select the Mayor who serves in that position for a two-year term.

City Council is responsible for establishing policies and enacting legislation necessary for municipal operations.  City Council appoints the City Manager and Law Director.  By charter, the City Manager serves as the City’s chief executive, administrative and law enforcement officer.

City Council operates with six standing committees: Financial Planning; Government Affairs; Law and Safety; Parks and Recreation; Planning, Zoning, and Landmarks and Public Works.

While City Council members are very busy in their roles as elected officials, their work is largely centered in determination of policy. During 2012, City Council conducted public meetings, regular meetings, special sessions and committee meetings.

In an effort to improve communications between City Council and the boards, commissions and civic organizations, several initiatives were undertaken including:

As part of the City Council’s responsibilities for establishing policies and enacting legislation, it oversaw operations and administration of a cash budget of $18,034,878 and adopted 53 ordinances and resolutions, the highlights of which follow:

2012 Council Action

Mayor Ken Suer
Ken Suer
Vice-Mayor Todd Steinbrink
Todd Steinbrink
Councilmember Gerri Harbison
Gerri Harbison
Councilmember Lynda Roesch
Lynda Roesch
Councilmember Barry Joffe
Barry Joffe
Councilmember Chris Dobrozsi
Chris Dobrozsi
Councilmember Craig Margolis
Craig Margolis