2012 Annual Report


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The administration department is comprised of the City Manager, the Human Resources Manager and the Administrative Coordinator.  Under the City Manager, the administration department provides professional leadership in the execution of City Council policies and the management of the City.  The department is responsible for overseeing the coordination and direction of all City services and serves as a liaison between the City of Montgomery and other organizations.

Personnel Changes and Achievements

City Manager Wayne Davis
City Manager Wayne S. Davis

Along with new opportunities and new challenges, 2012 was a year of “new faces” for the City of Montgomery.  Due to a number of resignations and retirements, the City welcomed a total of six new full-time hires with a new hire in almost every department.  The challenge to fill these vacancies was an opportunity to recruit new staff who bring their own unique sets of talent and knowledge.  Also, Wayne Davis was promoted to the position of City Manager in May. 

It should be noted that two employees reached major milestones in 2012. Public Works Director Bob Nikula and Police Officer Don Jasper retired from the City of Montgomery to pursue new interests and passions.  The City benefited from their many years of service.

New Opportunities and New Challenges

The old maxim, “the only thing constant is change”, was certainly true for the City of Montgomery in 2012.  The year presented the organization with many changes representing both new opportunities and new challenges.

After several years of a sluggish national economy, new development and redevelopment opportunities began to emerge in 2012.  Initial work with developers on designs and concepts on properties on both the north and south ends of the City provided excitement about the possibility of transformation. The proposal of a large medical office user at the Vintage Club site, and a mixed-use concept plan for the Ford and Chevy dealerships at the corner of Main Street and Montgomery Road, are cornerstone projects that will become key business expansions in this community. Several other projects, including new business construction at the former Perkins site, added excitement to the economy in 2012. To ensure positive momentum in development, the City also entered into a contract with Ice Miller Whiteboard to identify strategies for the City to recruit new economic development.  Much of this work was driven through priorities and actions established in the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan.

Proposed medical building on Vitage Club site
Proposed medical building on Vintage Club site

Shared Service Opportunities

Overall, the City continued on its well-established course of financial stability, community engagement and innovation in quality service delivery.  Changes enacted at the State level resulting in reduced revenues for local governments was a challenge turned into an opportunity to further explore the concept of shared services with neighboring jurisdictions.  The City submitted a joint grant application with the City of Blue Ash and the Sycamore Community Schools and received a Local Government Innovation Fund grant of $60,225 for research of shared service opportunities among the three entities.  The City explored other shared service opportunities throughout the year by attending and presenting at events and symposiums such as the Greater Cincinnati Shared Services Summit and convening area departments to discuss possibilities for collaboration.

Strategic Planning

In 2012, steady progress was made on the City’s 2011 – 2016 Strategic Plan.  The five-year plan encompasses six major goal areas:  Economic Development, Finance, Organizational Structure and Workforce, Community Engagement, Quality of Life and Facilities.  Each major goal area is staffed by a team of employees tasked with carrying out well-defined implementation steps designed to accomplish the goal objectives. 

The comprehensive inventory and review of City services is one example of the strategic plan work performed in 2012.  As part of Strategic Plan Goal Three, all departments compiled inventories of the services they provide.  The departments ranked each service as "critical", "core" or "quality of life" in order to identify those services which must be provided and those services which contribute to the overall well-being of the community, but are not essential or legally mandated.  Each department’s critical, core and quality of life categorizations were reviewed by another department to obtain a different perspective.  A team of citizens conducted a final review of the categorizations to provide a perspective from the public.  This work will help provide the basis for determining what services the City should provide in the future, what is the “right-quality” of these services and what is the most efficient and effective method of delivering these services.

MCLA Class of 2012 in mock council session
MCLA Class of 2012 in mock council session

Goal Four of the City’s Strategic Plan is Community Engagement and emphasis on community engagement efforts continued to be strong in 2012.  In its fifth year, the Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy has become the “signature piece” of the City’s community engagement efforts. With a graduating class of 26, the five-year total of residents-turned-citizens now stands at 134.  Of these graduates, 22 serve on boards and commissions and two serve on City Council.  Other community engagement efforts in 2012 included the second annual Connect Montgomery’s Making a Difference Day, a Neighborhood Leaders Luncheon and continuation of the New Resident Welcome Program performed in partnership with Sycamore Community Schools and the City of Blue Ash.  In addition, community engagement staff and fire department staff collaborated on a new program called the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The CERT Team is comprised of 23 Montgomery residents trained to assist others in the event of a disaster or emergency in the community.


During 2012, the City of Montgomery was formally recognized for a number of achievements. Highlights include the following:

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Clearly, 2012 was a year of new opportunities and new challenges for the City of Montgomery.  With new leadership and a renewed staff, the City is positioned to carry forward its tradition of maintaining financial stability, fostering community engagement and seeking innovation in quality service delivery.