Yard bags filled with freshly raked leaves

Beginning March 2, 2020, the weekly yard waste collection will resume at no charge for all one family and two-family residential homes.

The program limits collection to three paper yard waste bags, cans or bundles at each residence (or one 90-gallon yard waste toter). Additional bags, cans or bundles require one $3.00 Rumpke Waste Sticker per item. Additional 90-gallon toters will require three stickers each after the first toter. Stickers are available at the Montgomery Square Kroger or Montgomery City Hall during regular business hours.

Loosely place yard waste in trash cans or in paper yard waste bags, which are commonly available at grocery or hardware stores.

Do not place cans or bags in the curb lane of the street. If you place the material in a garbage can or toter, please make sure it is labeled as “yard waste” so it is not inadvertently collected as trash.

Place yard waste on the opposite side of the driveway from regular trash. Leave the lids off cans containing yard waste, especially during the winter months. Freezing conditions seal the lids which do not allow for easy removal of yard waste. No plastic bags will be accepted.

Brush must be bundled in sizes up to 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter. The material should be fastened with cotton twine (No wire or plastic ties, please). Limbs need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and no larger than 6 inches in diameter. Follow the links to read more information about yard waste guidelines, or trash and recycling collection.