Weller Park

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20.4 acres, 8832 Weller Road. (directions) Paved trail .64 mi or 3370 feet

Weller Park signWeller Park is the active play park of Montgomery with sand volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, soccer and baseball fields and a large playground. Weller Park is located at the north end of Montgomery off Kemper Road. Weller Park is the place to be for playgroups and sport teams. The long walking/running pathway around the park connects to pathways around the neighboring church property and into the Vintage Club neighborhood to make a winding, scenic off-road option for exercisers or strollers.

Playground at Weller ParkKids make their own fun at Weller Park. From imaginative play in the sands of the volleyball courts to the creative structures in the playground, kids can have a great time climbing, jumping, swinging and laughing in the largest of the Montgomery playgrounds. The park shelter and restrooms are conveniently located right next to the play area making for a perfect spot for birthday parties and play dates. The shelter can be reserved online.  The shade trees and landscapes around this park add to the options for family picnics and quiet spots to read or relax.

Shady spot at Weller ParkWeller also is home to the much-anticipated yearly Touch a Truck event where city staff and vehicles are brought out to the park and kids are given the opportunity to climb in the driver’s seat and talk to the operators of the fire trucks, police cruisers and public works tractors.

A ping pong table is be the latest addition to Weller, the active park within the Montgomery Park system. The Parks and Recreation Commission purchased a stationary outdoor ping pong table for play in the parks based on the popularity of the table in use at the Montgomery Pool. The table is in the small shelter near the baseball fields at Weller Park. Users should bring their own paddles and balls and take advantage of this new park activity!ping pong table at Weller Park

Newsletter articles that have appeared in the Montgomery Bulletin on Weller Park:

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