John R. Jurgensen will begin Phase 2 construction of the roundabout project at the intersection of Montgomery Road and Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway soon.  They are indicating a mid-to-late July date to switch over to the new traffic pattern.  This second phase is anticipated to last four to five months.

Phase 2 traffic modifications will consist of:

  • Closing the Montgomery Road bridge and routing ALL of Montgomery Road traffic on a by-pass (see image below).
  • The temporary traffic signals installed during Phase 1 will remain in operation. The northerly signal will be for traffic accessing westbound Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway, and the southerly signal will be for traffic exiting the highway.
  • A sidewalk will be located on the east side of the by-pass for pedestrians.
  • Modifications will be made to the traffic signage and pavement striping on Montgomery Road to arrange this new traffic pattern. Stay alert when driving through this location so you can get into the proper lane based on your destination.

The Phase 2 traffic pattern will allow the contractor to demolish the Montgomery Road bridge and highway lanes under the bridge and perform other activities in the work area.



Below are instructions to maneuver the Phase 2 Roundabout Construction as a pedestrian. 

For more information, please visit for more information. 

Where are you headed?

Walking from Moeller High School to Downtown Montgomery.

  1. While on the west side of Montgomery Road, walk north towards the Kennedy Lane intersection.
  2. Stop at the Kennedy Lane intersection.  Wait for the pedestrian signal to tell you to cross over to the east side of Montgomery Road. 
  3. While on the east side of Montgomery Road, walk north towards the construction zone
  4. Continue along the temporary sidewalk on the east side of Montgomery Road.
  5. As you approach the Main Street split, look for the temporary crosswalk just past Triangle Park.
  6. Watch for traffic, then cross here and continue to your downtown destination.