Walking Routes


These routes have been measured out for those walkers who like to keep track of the distance they travel.
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Distance marked walk or bike routes

legend_tanager_woods  Tanagerwoods from Weil to Weller – 0.8 miles
legend_shadowhill  Shadowhill Way from Adventure out to Cornell – 0.97 miles.
legend_monte  Monte from Remington to Zig Zag – 0.65 miles
legend_montgomery  Montgomery from Kennedy to Weller – 2.7 miles
legend_zigzag  Zig Zag from Cooper to Blue Ash corp. line – 1.59 miles
legend_weller  Weller from Montgomery to Kemper – 1.98 miles
legend_cooper  Cooper from Blue Ash corp. line to Indian Hill corp. line – 1.24 miles
legend_pfeiffer  Pfeiffer from Montgomery to I71 – 0.97 mile
legend_deerfield  Deerfield from Montgomery to Blue Ash corp. line – 1.55 miles

Distance of longest trail loop within the park

Montgomery Park paved trail – 0.36 miles
Swaim Park paved trail – 0.39 miles
Pioneer Park paved trail – 0.54 miles
Dulle Park natural turf trail- 0.67 miles
Johnson Nature Preserve natural turf trail – 0.35 miles
Weller Park paved trail 0.64 miles


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September 28, 2014