Tree Programs

Street Tree Program

The Street Tree Program has been suspended for 2020.
street tree

The City of Montgomery has been awarded Tree City USA status by the National Arbor Day Foundation every year since 1997.

As part of its efforts to maintain both the City’s Tree City status and the many benefits provided by a healthy urban forest, effective December 1, 2009, the City of Montgomery offers the Street Tree Program to provide a street tree to property owners for a $100 co-pay. *This program has concluded for 2019. Please call City Arborist Terry Willenbrink at 513-792-8320 for more information.

The co-pay covers a portion of the cost of the tree and the labor for planting it in the public right-of-way.

Street Tree applications will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis. When the annual Street Tree Program budget has been exhausted, applications will be held for future consideration.

Each property owner may request one street tree per year; if the property frontage permits planting of more than one street tree, a second tree may be requested and may be approved subject to the annual Street Tree Program budget and demand for the program by other residents.

All decisions regarding the Street Tree Program are at the discretion of the Public Works Director or his designee. This may include but is not limited to the location for planting, species, size, timing of planting, and replacement of trees.

tree saplingCommemorative Tree Planting Program

Commemorative Tree Brochure

A $250.00 gift will plant a single tree in honor of a special someone in your life. This is tax deductible.

Your gift will grow in beauty and value while enhancing the City’s environment. Most of all, your gift will be a legacy to our City, helping create an attractive and pleasant place to live, work and play.

An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the person or family of the individual honored, as well as to the contributor. Tree selection and park location is at your request. The City cannot guarantee specific requests on tree species and planting location but will make efforts to honor requests or propose an appropriate alternative.

Tree Species:

  • Evergreens – Spruces and Pines
  • Flowering – Bottlebrush Buckeye, Crabapple, Dogwood, Fringe Tree, Japanese Tree Lilac, Magnolia, Redbud, Serviceberry, Pear
  • Fruit and Nut – Buckeye and Persimmon
  • Shade – Ash, Beech, Blackgum, London Planetree, Maples, Oaks, Sweetgum, Tuliptree, Yellowood, Zelkova
  • Special or Indigenous – Kentucky Coffeetree, Ginko (Male), Bald Cypress, Fir

Other trees can be planted, at your request, subject to availability and landscape appropriateness.

Common Ohio Trees