Montgomery Community Pool

We are excited to open the Montgomery Community Pool in 2020! 

It is pool season time! And, it will be different this summer! Despite the strict guidelines, we have persevered, remained positive, and made every effort to open the pool and make it safe and enjoyable!

With the guidelines, we had to start with a clean slate and new thinking to offer the pool fairly to a limited number of people.

With that in mind, memberships will not be offered this summer. Instead of a membership, residents may purchase a time block online. 

Details are listed below. With the new guidelines, we ask for your patience and understanding.

Ready to Purchase Pool Pass?


  1. Registration is available up to one week out…for each day.  For example: Registration opens June 8 for June 15, etc.
  2. Is your account up to date? Be sure to add all your family members. **Children under the age of 1 do NOT need registered.**
  3. We are here to help you! If you need assistance please contact City Hall at 513-891-2424.
  4. No refunds: No refunds will be given unless the pool is closed by SwimSafe/the City due to weather.
    If you wish to change your reservation date, you must contact City Hall at least 48 hours in advance.

Who Can Attend the Pool

Online time block reservations are available for residents and swim team members. 105 people can be inside the pool gate at one time. The key here is to reduce capacity to the point where there is enough room for people to swim and be on deck and maintain social distancing with ease.

New this season, nonresidents , businesses, and guests will not be admitted due to the limited attendance restrictions.

Nonresidents: We know that we have had nonresident pool members who have been members of the pool for many years. We sincerely apologize for not being able to offer the pool to you this summer. It would of course be our absolute preference to be able to offer the pool normally, with no attendance restrictions and have a typical summer. But, this is not a typical summer by any means. It was a difficult decision to make but one we must make to serve our residents.

For those that work at a Montgomery business: Again, this was a very difficult decision and unfortunately, the pool is open to residents only in 2020 and we will not be able to offer the pool to you this summer.

Accounts up to date, including everyone! We need to know every person, every name who attends the pool for tracing purposes.
Each family member LIVING in your household must be listed on your Rec1 account. If you have young children, each child 1 Years and older  must be listed in your Rec1 account and signed up.

Babysitters: A babysitter may be allowed to attend the pool. The sitter must be approved by City staff prior to the sitter attending the pool.  To get approval, please fill out the Babysitter Request Form  online (Mon-Fri and a minimum of 2 BUSINESS day in advance.)  Once approved, the babysitter’s name will need to be added to your Rec1 account and must be listed on the reservation for entry to pool.

Baby Sitter Request Form

Per Person: Online reservations are $6 per person over the age of 1 (not per household). For example, a family of four living in the same household wants to attend the pool. A reservation for EACH family member must be made. The entrance fee would be x 4 people.

No name, NO entry: Only those listed on the paid reservation, will be allowed entry. Example 1: Mom and three children make a reservation a week in advance. One child is unable to attend. Mom is not allowed to bring neighbor friend in their place.

How old can a resident child be to attend the pool by him/herself? 12 years old. This is a change from the past rule of 10 years old. This has been raised due to maintaining the social distancing guidelines.

Can a guest attend with the resident? Guests are not allowed. For example, “Matthew” is a resident. When he reserves a time for the pool, he may not bring a guest. He must register every person attending and only bring members living in his household.

How It Works and Fees

Online only: Pool time is by reservation only, online only. Reservations will not be taken at the pool front desk.

Fee:  Each time block is $6 for residents who are over one year of age. For visitors under one year of age, there is no fee.

Rationale of the fee: Our goal is to cover the cost of our pool management contract. With calculating the number of users per time period, per day, plus a little swim team fees and plus a little of concession fees, we will reach that goal. We will not be able to cover all the additional pool expenses and we are sincerely appreciative of the support of our city council and staff to be able to open!

No refunds: No refunds will be given unless the pool is closed by SwimSafe/the City due to weather. If you wish to change your reservation date, you must contact City Hall at least 48 hours before reservation date.

Reserve one week ahead of time: Online reservations can be made one week in advance. There is no maximum limit on the number of reservations made for that week.

Misc. Information

100% cleared in between time blocks:  The pool must be cleared 100% in between each time block. SwimSafe cannot clean chairs while patrons are using the facility. Even if you sign up for back to back time blocks, you must take all your belongings, leave the gated area and return back through the gate again and this is due to cleaning in between each time block.

Social distancing: Each person is responsible for proper social distancing. SwimSafe employees will not police social distancing.

Lounge chairs: Chairs must remain in place unless moved out into the grass under a nice shady tree, 6′ apart. SwimSafe Pool Management will be using an eco-friendly bleach solution to clean in between time blocks. You may bring your own seating if you wish.

Drinking fountain: Please bring your own water bottles for hydration. The bottle filler on the fountain is available for use. The concession stand may fill water bottles too.

Sanitization – Please consider bringing disinfectant wipes or similar sanitization items to clean chairs and tables before and after use. Hand sanitizing stations are planned to be installed as close to the pool entrance as possible and at the concession stand.

Other amenities: The playground, tetherball, basketball court and showers will not be open. (If the guidelines change, we will adjust!)

Rentals – The gazebo is not available for rentals.

Events – The pool activities and events will not occur due to distancing requirements.

Swim lessons are not likely to occur.

The concession stand will be open to sell packaged foods and drinks.


Time blocks: Purchase Pool Pass  

We have added additional time blocks from now through Sept. 7. Check out the schedule here- Additional Pool Hours 2020 Calendar



Please review these rules with your family before visiting the Montgomery Community Pool. If you have any questions about any of these rules, please contact the Pool Manager on Duty.

Members, their families, and guests must adhere to these rules and policies. The City may suspend or revoke membership privileges for a violation of these rules and policies. If action is taken to suspend or revoke such privileges, there will be no refund or partial refund of any season pass cost or daily admission fees. Parents are responsible for the action of their children and a family membership can be revoked or suspended in its entirety for a violation of these rules and policies if, in the opinion of the City or the pool personnel, the parent has not provided appropriate supervision in enforcing these rules and policies. Any decision by the City to suspend or revoke pool privileges may, at the request of the member, be reviewed by the City Manager or her designee. Any decision by the City Manager or her designee shall be final. By applying for and accepting membership in the Montgomery Community Pool, you agree to adhere to these pool rules and policies, and you agree to the City’s right to suspend or revoke such privileges as set forth herein.

Closing Policy

The City has the right to close the pool early in the event of severe weather with no refunds due to the customer. The pool will close if the air temperature is 68° or below, or at the manager’s discretion based on inclement weather and attendance or a fecal accident. Please call 513-985-1640 if you have any doubt about the facility being open. On rainy days, the pool will strive to stay open. If the weather is unsuitable for swimming, the pool will be closed.

Pool Rules

  1. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers may be brought into the facility.
  2. No smoking and no e-cigarettes inside entrance gates, on the front porches, and at the front entrance. Smoking and e-cigarettes are restricted to the parking lot area only.
  3. Proper swim attire must be worn (no t-shirts or jean shorts).
  4. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  5. No flotation devices, goggles, masks, fins, sunglasses, toys, etc. may be worn or carried while using the diving boards or slide.
  6. No running, pushing, dunking, climbing on shoulders or rough play shall be permitted. Lifting and throwing children into the water is also not permitted.
  7. No diving allowed except off the pool deck in the ten-foot diving well when the boards are closed.
  8. No flips, back dives, or jumping backward off the pool deck.
  9. The lane is for lap swimmers only. Please stay out of the lane unless you are swimming at least one full length.
  10. No one may hang on railings, lane lines, ropes, diving boards or ladders.
  11. All coolers (full or empty) and food items must be checked at the front desk for compliance (no glass bottles or alcohol) and eaten in the snack bar area only. Deliveries of food to the pool grounds for any pool patrons are discouraged.
  12. Please keep children from climbing on guard chairs, fence, and gates.
  13. All chairs must remain at least 2 feet away from the edge of the pool and 6 feet away from the zero depth entry.
  14. Squirt guns are permitted, but if they become a problem, they will be confiscated by pool staff.
  15. Please do not walk or run on the metal gutter.
  16. Management has the right to remove anyone from the facility, including misbehavior or safety purposes.
  17. No pets shall be permitted inside the gate except on the date of the designated pool event at the season end.
  18. No skateboards or roller blades may be worn or used inside the gate.
  19. No grills allowed.
  20. All registered members must follow the verbal instructions and/or warnings of pool personnel.

Diaper & Health Policy

To ensure the safety of our patrons, the following guidelines shall be followed regarding diapers and health issues. Although it is rare, various diseases may be spread through contaminated water, so please help us monitor this facility.

  • Upon entering the facility, all parents will be responsible for ensuring that their diaper-aged children are properly attired in a swim diaper or tight-legged rubber pants and a bathing suit. This policy will be strictly enforced. Violators of this policy may be subject to revocation of swimming pool privileges.
  • To ensure that all swimming pool patrons in this age group have the appropriate swim attire, pool personnel may request parents to show proof that their child is properly outfitted with the approved protective attire.
  • If you have or have had diarrhea in the past two weeks, please do not utilize the swimming pool.
  • Do not change your child’s diaper on the pool deck or in the pool chairs. Use the diaper changing station in the restrooms.
  • Assist young children in making frequent visits to the restroom to avoid accidents. Toilets are difficult for young children to flush so please check and provide assistance when needed.
  • Do not drink swimming pool water and avoid putting it in your mouth.
  • Please report any fecal or other bodily fluid accidents to the pool management immediately.
  • Notify management immediately if you or a family member develop a gastrointestinal illness that you think may have been related to a visit to the swimming pool.

Diving Board Rules

  • Only one person shall be on the board at a time. The next person in line shall wait on the pool deck, not the ladder.
  • Wait for the preceding person to reach the side before jumping.
  • Only one bounce may be taken.
  • Do not run on your approach to the end of the board. Take three or four walking steps.
  • Jump straight off the board, not toward the side. Exit the water immediately.
  • Exit the water by the ladder closest to the board from which you jumped.
  • To use the diving board, one must be able to swim 25 yards non-stop. Lifeguards have the right to ask someone to demonstrate this if the swimmer’s ability is in question.
  • Parents may not be located in the diving well to “catch” their child.

Wading Pool Rules

  • Must be 6 years of age or under.
  • Must be under direct supervision of an adult or approved babysitter.
  • Must wear proper swim attire and follow diaper policy.
  • No diving or jumping from side of pool.

Slide Rules

  • Must be 48” tall or able to swim 25 yards.
  • Only one rider at a time. No doubles, trains, or chains.
  • Enter slide in a sitting position.
  • Wait until preceding person swims to the ladder before riding.
  • Ride the slide feet first either sitting or lying down on back.
  • Keep arms and feet inside flume.
  • Do not stop on slide.
  • No tubes, life jackets, floatation devices, goggles, masks, sunglasses, fins, etc. may be worn on slide.
  • Exit immediately.
  • Pregnant women and riders with a heart or back condition should not ride the slide.
  • Failure to follow slide rules can result in serious injury to yourself and others as well as loss of your privilege to use the slide.


When the parking lot is full, please be careful not to park along the curbs as it is important that our emergency vehicles have proper access to exit and enter the pool and safety center sites.

Additional parking is located along the driveway at the Hopewell Cemetery, just one block from the pool.

Contact Us

Montgomery Community Pool
8075 Hopewell Road
Montgomery, OH 45242

985-1640 during the pool season.
891-2424 during off-season.

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