Garbage Pickup

Trash and Recycling Information

To contact Rumpke directly, please call (513) 851-0122.

For questions about Rumpke trash and yard waste collection, please call (513) 891-2424 or email

Trash Pickup Schedule

Rumpke garbage truckAny containers, including recycling containers, or other refuse or litter placed at the curb for pickup by any solid waste contractor shall not be placed at the curb earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day before such pickup is scheduled, and any containers must be removed from the curb by 9:00 p.m. the day of pickup.

Montgomery takes advantage of single stream sorting technology which allows each household to mix all of the recyclables in the Recycle cart without placing the items in a plastic bag.  There is no need to separate items. ALL plastic bottles and jugs (regardless of plastic number) are accepted for curbside recycling program.

Learn more about recycling in Montgomery.


Rumpke Waste Collection – Automated Waste Collection

The City of Montgomery has partnered with Rumpke to provide a futuristic approach to trash collection through the use of Rumpke’s fully automated collection system.

The automated collection is a technologically advanced system of refuse collection and disposal. The system is called “automated” because a refuse truck, equipped with a mechanical/robotic arm, automatically lifts and empties special refuse containers without the driver ever leaving the cab of the truck. The system requires a special “waste wheeler” container to permit lifting by the mechanical arm. The entire process takes about 10 seconds per stop.

The automated system will help stabilize cost, allow Rumpke to collect garbage more efficiently, while improving safety. The traditional method is labor intensive and puts workers at high risk for being struck by a motorist.

Type of Container Used in the Automated System

The City of Montgomery and Rumpke have provided each residence (single and two-family residences) with one 96 or one 65 gallon waste wheeler, free of charge. The waste wheelers are designed for use with the automated collection system and provide:

  • Easy Mobility: the 96 and 65 gallon waste wheelers are mounted on wheels for easy mobility.
  • Large Storage Area: a 96 gallon waste wheeler holds as much as four to six, 33 gallon bags of household refuse (an average family produces about five bags per week).
  • Sturdy Construction: Waste wheelers are composed of sturdy plastic to withstand nature’s elements.
  • Attached Lid: The hinged lid avoids leakage, spills and animal tampering.
  • Imprinted Serial Number: The waste wheelers are imprinted with a serial number and assigned to a specific address. If you move, please leave the waste wheeler for use by the next resident.

Replacement of Damaged Waste Wheelers

Upon verification by Rumpke, damaged waste wheelers will be replaced at no charge to citizens. Rumpke reserves the right to charge residents for waste wheelers that have been damaged by negligence or abuse.

Using the Automated System:

  • All waste wheelers, recycling and yard waste containers must be placed at the curb the night before your scheduled pick up day.
  • Remember that all household trash must be contained in the waste wheeler. The exception to this rule is when you are disposing of paint cans. You can dispose of up to 4 paint cans that are empty or have dried paint inside, by setting them on the ground beside your waste wheeler. All lids should be disposed of inside the waste wheeler so the driver can see inside. Only latex based paint will be accepted. Oil-based paint must be disposed of at one of the approved Hamilton County Environmental waste sites. Do not use your waste wheeler for disposal of brick, concrete, sand or other building materials. These items should be hauled away by your building contractor.
  • Remember not to block the sidewalk!
  • To avoid interference with the automated truck collection-arm, your waste wheeler should be a least 4 feet from objects on either side, including parked vehicles, fire hydrants, mailboxes, and light poles.
  • Make sure the waste wheeler handle faces away from the street and toward your home.
  • The lid should be closed to avoid spillage.
  • Recycling bins and yard waste containers should be placed on the other side of the driveway.

Need an Additional Waste Wheeler?

  • Additional waste wheelers can be leased or purchased by calling Rumpke at 851-0122.
  • Rumpke will collect an unlimited amount of trash as long as it is in a waste wheeler

Large Item Collection

What is a large item? Large Item Collection includes household items such as couches, chairs, mattresses, tables, appliances, carpets, padding and similar large items that will not fit into the automated waste wheeler. Do not place extra bags or cans of trash out for a large item pickup, this service is only intended for items that are too large to fit in your trash container.

To ensure that collection of your large item please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Please call Rumpke at 742-2900 by noon on Wednesday to arrange for a large item pickup.
  • Rumpke will collect your bulk item on Thursday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Place items at the curb prior to 6:00 a.m.
  • Large items must be placed curbside in a neat and orderly manner.
  • Mattresses and furniture must be completely wrapped in plastic wrap in order to be picked up.
  • Appliances containing freon must have the freon professionally removed by a certified contractor and a sticker must be attached to the appliance certifying that the freon has been removed.
  • Carpet/Padding must be cut in 4 foot lengths, rolled and tied and not exceed 60 pounds in weight.

While there is no set limit of items that may be placed for a large item pickup, this service is not intended to be used for removal of debris from remodeling or construction jobs or as a means to dispose of an entire room full of furniture at one time. Please call the City or Rumpke if you have any questions about what may or may not be placed out for large item removal. Rumpke‘s number is 742-2900.