Barking Dogs: No owner or keeper of a dog shall permit or allow such dog to annoy or disturb two or more separate households by frequent barking, or other noises. To report a problem, call the Montgomery Police Department at 985-1600.

Dangerous Dogs/Vicious Dogs: No person is permitted to own, keep, or harbor a dog that exhibits a vicious or harmful disposition toward life, limb, or property of the residents of the municipality (as defined in Chapter 90 of the Montgomery Code of Ordinances). For more information on this topic or to report a potential violation, contact the Montgomery Police Department at 985-1600.

Dogs: There is no limit to the number of dogs which may be housed within a dwelling in the City; however, residents may not maintain a kennel for overnight purposes for more than three dogs. A kennel is an accessory structure, which is defined as an: “other structure outside the principal residence, doghouse, tool or storage sheds, garages, or any other permanent or temporary structure.” This is only a portion of the Montgomery Code addressing dog restrictions. Section 90 lists all restrictions. For more information and interpretation of the restrictions, call the Montgomery Police Department at 985-1600 or the Montgomery Community Development Department at 792-8347.

Dog Licensing

Leash Law: City ordinances prohibit dogs from running at large on any street, park, public ground, or onto private property without the owner’s consent. Any dog kept on the property of its owner or keeper shall be leashed, tied, fenced, or otherwise secured in such a manner so that the dog will not be able to attack, annoy, bite, or worry any invited person entering the property. For more information, call the Montgomery Police Department at 985-1600.

Lost Pet: Losing a pet is a heartbreaking ordeal. Montgomery’s Police Department offers a service that could prove to be a lifesaver when a resident loses a pet or finds one. Simply call the Police Department at 985-1600 to add the pet to a log of lost and found animals. When calling, please provide a detailed description of the pet, including size, color, breed, sex, description of collar, and where the pet was lost or found. Since there are not adequate facilities to house a found animal for a long time period, a resident finding a pet can provide a valuable service by fostering the pet until the owner can be located. Pets brought to the Safety Center can only be held for a short time after which the Hamilton County SPCA, 541-6100 is notified for pickup. To aid in reunification, pet owners are urged to keep a collar with personalized owner information.