Village of Montgomery, NY

Village of Montgomery, NY SignThe Village of Montgomery is located in Orange County, New York, approximately 60 miles northwest of New York City. With a population of 3,800, it reflects the small town feel that is enjoyed by many citizens in Montgomery, Ohio.  The village is named after General Richard Montgomery, an officer of the American Revolution.

Montgomery, Ohio was founded in 1795 when six families from the Village of Montgomery, set out on a journey that brought them to southwest Ohio. The families were all related with names that have become commonplace in our community. There were the three Felter sisters and their husbands Cornelius Snider, the leader; Jacob Roosa; and Nathaniel Terwilliger along with three Felter brothers and their wives.

The closely knit group gathered their possessions and traveled through Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh), floated down the Ohio River to the mouth of the Little Miami River, and made their way up Sycamore Creek to where it meets the present Montgomery Road just north of Bethesda North Hospital. The first winter was spent in simple lean-to shelters left by early scouts. Then, in spring of 1796, they moved to the junction of two Indian trails, which are Cooper Rd. and Main St.

Many of the historic buildings in the Village of Montgomery bear resemblance to familiar buildings in Montgomery.

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