Hadia Khan and Torri Grace

In MCLA, participants tackle timely local topics and learn more about working with their neighbors.  Torri Grace (left) and Hadia Khan took a moment to share with each other why they were motivated to participate in the Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy Class of 2019.

The Montgomery Citizens’ Leadership Academy (MCLA) was recently presented with the “Spirit of Montgomery Award” by the Montgomery (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce. Other worthy causes that were nominated included the City’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the Montgomery Farmer’s Market. Congratulations to all those involved.


This year, MCLA will begin its new season with a session entitled “We are Montgomery!” on January 9.  Boasting a full class for the thirteenth year in a row, the 2020 Academy has an enthusiastic group of participants. This year’s MCLA will again include residents and business and community group representatives located in and around the City of Montgomery.


Based upon participant evaluations over the last several years, the Academy has been redesigned to enable more time for group and one-on-one interaction. The purpose of the Academy remains the same, to encourage residents to go beyond the surface and experience firsthand the innermost workings of community operations. MCLA provides participants with the opportunity to realize a dimension few will ever see. Participation in the Academy is designed to help transform residents into actively engaged citizens.


Although registration is closed for this year, we are recruiting residents and small and large business and community group representatives to enroll for MCLA 2021. The application period opens on April 1. If you are interested, contact Ray Kingsbury, director of citizen engagement at 513-792-8359, or email rkingsbury@montgomeryohio.org.  More information can also be found on our website here. 

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