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An honor and privilege to serve

As I “retire” from my role on Council, I want to share that it has been both an honor and privilege to serve the City over the past 15 years.  As I look back, it’s amazing to me the progress we’ve witnessed during that time.  First, we have seen a tremendous amount of...

Getting to know your Council

 November 2015 Council Corner With Election Day on the horizon, I thought I would share a little about my fellow Council Members and what they do both for our City and within the community. Each Council Member chairs a council committee and is a member of two other...

City Staff – Leadership and Involvement at all Levels

September 2015 Council Corner One of the perks of being on City Council is being able to work with the first-class professionals who comprise our City staff.  In working with outstanding individuals,  I continue to be amazed at their accomplishments, as well as the...
Always a good time to say thank you to our first responders

Always a good time to say thank you to our first responders

August 2015 Council Corner In April of this year, the City sent a survey to all households in Montgomery.  The survey results confirm that police and fire protection are among the most important services we provide.  Furthermore, the police and fire departments scored...

I’m glad you asked that question

July 2015 Council Corner “So, what do you do on City Council?” This question is often asked when people learn that I serve on Montgomery City Council. It is the frequency with which I am asked that question that prompted this article. Probably the closest...

Strategic planning process requires input and discipline

June 2015 Council Corner The strategic planning process is to a community what a road map is to a cross country traveler. It is a tool that defines the routes that when taken will lead to the most likely probability of getting to the travelers destination. Or in the...

City offices closed on Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

Trash pickup will take place as scheduled.